Best of the weekend

Doing: Enjoying our first relaxed weekend in ages; heading over to Bristol as the sunshine peeked out from behind the clouds, exploring Gloucester Road and loving every minute of it, musing about the future, feeling inspired by the bright colours of Bristol’s street art, deliberating over the delicious array of cakes in the uber-stylish Spicer and Cole, feeling satisfied I made the right choice with my first bite of banana cake, loving the thoughtfulness of serving my tea with a mini hourglass, heading home for an evening of lazing on the sofa, eating dinner on our knees and shamelessly enjoying Britain’s Got Talent. Then trying out a new church on Sunday morning, heading into town to choose a new baby gift, feeling broody amidst the teeny tiny sleepsuits and hats, catching up on some writing while the Mr was out, working on some plans for a new blog series and deciding that this week is going to call for cake… Baking ingredients at the ready!

Eating: Salted caramel banana cake with white peach blossom tea, steak and ale pie with cheesy mashed potato [it is the weekend after all!], toast with cream cheese, chocolate fingers, rich tomato and pepper pasta bake with salad.

Feeling: In a celebratory mood – a good friend of ours had her [2 weeks overdue] baby girl early on Saturday morning, the same day as other friends of ours got married!

Listening to: ZION Acoustic by Hillsong United. So good.

Discovering: Just how unique and varied the neighbourhoods of Bristol are. We went from the very bohemian Montpelier to chic Clifton – both beautiful and with a lovely sense of community. I’m loving exploring this city and already looking forward to trying somewhere new next time. If you have any recommendations, do let me know!










What have you been up to this weekend?


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