Postcards from Fiji

Fiji is a vision of aqua. From the moment you catch your first glimpse of the ocean, you cannot help but be astounded by the vibrancy of the colours in the natural world in front of you. The sea is so turquoise, the sky so blue – it all seems too bright, too perfect to not have been created by man. It is the ultimate Pantone paradise.

And then you see an island, one of hundreds that make up the archipelago. A small strip of land amongst a vast sea of blue; seemingly appearing from nowhere. As you draw closer, the dazzling contrast of white sand and lush green adds a new dimension – a break in the horizon, a sign of life.

On land, the sand is warm beneath your toes. Lizards, as bright and bold as their surroundings, scurry past. Crabs no bigger than a coin appear from where they’ve burrowed, disturbing the untouched shoreline. Palms sway in the breeze, offering brief respite from the fierce sunshine.

You take a step into the lagoon, the warm water lapping around your ankles, inviting you further in. You notice shoals of tiny fish circling you, a flash of colour beneath the glittering surface. And then a vivid fuchsia striped sea cucumber just steps away, so bizarre looking you can’t help but laugh aloud.

The more you look, the more you see. You feel intrigued, relaxed and amazed at the same time. This may just be the most beautiful place on earth.

These are my postcards from Fiji.









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