Travel plans: South East Asia

I am very fortunate to have a job that involves international travel. This means I get to see some beautiful places, meet some wonderful people doing great work, and talk about how to bring about meaningful change in communities. I recognise that it all sounds fairly idyllic, but let me assure you it does have some downsides – jetlag, bland business hotels, ‘interesting’ food…

Anyway, in two weeks time I will be heading to South East Asia. I’m actually pretty excited about the trip, as it is to two countries I have never been before – Cambodia and Laos – and until now, knew very little about. The more I read, though, the more intriguing it sounds. Cambodia; site of the ancient Angkor Wat, cultural melting pot of post-Communism, post-colonialism and Theravada Buddhism, where temples sit next to French bakeries, and cities bustle as villages sleep. Then Laos; one of the last remaining Communist countries, largely undiscovered by the tourist masses, life and employment gathered around the rice fields along the Mekong river.

This will be the first of two visits to Cambodia this year, and I’ll be going back to Laos on an annual basis too – so it’s going to be a fascinating introduction.

Check back over the next couple of weeks for more planning posts, and some hints and tips on travelling for work.

Until then, here are some images from the ever-fabulous Lonely Planet and Getty Images to get us in the mood…

Cambodia 5

Cambodia 2

Cambodia 3

Cambodia 4

Laos 1

Laos 2

Have you ever been to Cambodia or Laos? Any recommendations for me?


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