Coast: the collection

I grew up in a house where the beach was at the end of the road. A ‘proper’ beach no less, with golden sand, cliffs to climb and caves to explore. In the summer months, we would rummage through the garage and drag all kinds of things down there; bodyboards, inflatable dinghys, a rounders bat and ball. When it turned to winter, we’d wrap up warm and walk along the shoreline, wind whipping our hair and the cold stinging our skin. On the morning of my wedding, I walked across that same beach with my Dad to try and ease my nerves. Then a few hours later, I had photos taken there with my husband, on the spot where he proposed.

The coast has a special place in my heart. There’s something profound and calming about sitting and listening to the waves crash and roll, or looking at the horizon and wondering at the enormity of the ocean that spans so much further and deeper than you can imagine. Even now, having moved to a place which is nowhere near a beach, I find myself longing to walk with the sand between my toes, to be somewhere with no sense of claustrophobia and chaos – but an endless stretch of openness.

My hope is that one day we will move back to the coast, because wherever there’s water, it feels like home.

St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay

Bounty Island, Fiji

Bounty Island, Fiji

Bounty Island, Fiji

Taurangua, New Zealand

Ilha Grande, Brazil

llha Grande, Brazil

Chintsa, South Africa

Coffee Bay, South Africa


Bulungula, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Bulungula, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Where is your favourite spot to relax? Do you prefer the coast at home or away?


3 thoughts on “Coast: the collection

  1. Did not grow up with a beach nearby but now I’m very lucky to have one within walking distance of home. Well, I say lucky, I chose to live here, and with any luck I’ll be able to stay here or somewhere equally coastal.


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