Florals: the collection

There’s just something about flowers, isn’t there?

Styled or au naturel, still in the soil or artfully arranged, bright or neutral – I’m a big fan of pretty blooms. There’s something special about picking out a bouquet for someone, I always think. Browsing the wares of a well-stocked florist’s shop or flower market, selecting colours and scents and foliage. Then don’t get me started on the ribbons, raffia and tissue! It’s an experience I really enjoy, and always leave wondering why I don’t treat myself more often too. Is it just me who feels that buying a beautiful bouquet for yourself is too much of an extravagance?

Travelling gives me a good excuse to seek out blooms that we don’t often see here in the UK; from the imposing proteas of South Africa to the heliconias of Tahiti. I love to photograph them – to capture their vibrant colours, delicate textures and unusual shapes. I think there is real beauty in their fragility, an almost over-excessive intricacy in something which lasts for such a short time.

Bringing together this collection has left me longing for Spring!



100_1043 - Copy  100_1058 - Copy 100_1105  100_5338

What are your favourite blooms? Do you know of any beautiful florist’s shops in your area?


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